From the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Ionian Sea to discover the beaches and the sea in Calabria

From the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Ionian Sea the sea and the beaches of Calabria are beautiful and suitable for children and family, this is also demonstrated by the high number of Green Flags present, flags that are given by Italian pediatricians. Some of the criteria used to win this award are cleaning the sea, shallow water, sand, rescue services, children’s games, spacious beach with services, useful facilities for families.

1) Praia a Mare: beach for children

Praia a Mare is a Calabria beach for children. Stony beach, crystal clear water, services for children and families, has been awarded the Green Flag, is a town located in the Riviera dei Cedri in the province of Cosenza and is a perfect destination for family holidays.

It offers local beauties with really special attractions. In addition to the very large beach dotted with small establishments, which make free swimming easy, there are several beauties worth visiting. These include the island of Dino with its picturesque caves, the Fortino, the Torre di Fiuzzi and the Castello di Rocca di Praia. The town also has a good number of shops and clubs.

Praia a mare in Calabria - Spiagge sul Mare Tirreno
Praia a Mare – Tyrrhenian Sea

2) Cirella di Diamante with the children

Cirella di Diamante with children is another place on our list: with the beach overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and always in the Riviera dei Cedri, it is suitable for children and there is the possibility of being pampered in a bathing establishment or to choose the free bathing .
The bottom in the water is degrading and allows you to swim, for explorers both large and small can be fun to wear mask and snorkel to discover the seabed.
The small Cirella island is suggestive, where there is a sighting tower, it is possible to reach it by boat thanks to a service offered by the fishermen. The village on the mainland, however, is interesting because of medieval times.

Cirrella di Diamante - Spiagge sul Tirreno in Calabria

3) Nicotera with children

Nicotera with children is a very pleasant place: it has white beaches, beautiful views and – even in this case – has been awarded the Green Flag. Nicotera is located in the province of Vibo Valentia on the Costa degli Dei.

The beaches are wide, with fine white sand, perfect for a family holiday. There are numerous villages, hotels and beaches that allow you to spend days at the beach, but without giving up all the comforts. The “affacciu” is evocative, from where the eye also widens towards Vesuvius or the Aeolian Islands.

Nicotera in Calabria - Spiagge sul Tirreno in Calabria

4) Bovalino: beaches for children

Continuing our itinerary to discover the beaches for children in Calabria we go to Bovalino. We move on the Ionian coast, in the province of Reggio Calabria. Here, too, the beaches are white and the blue sea.
The particularity of Bovalino lies in the fact that, compared to other places, the beaches are uncrowded. There is no shortage of facilities, but most of the beaches are bathing free, so suitable for those who want less structured holidays.
The village is perched and interesting from the historical point of view. Behind there is the

which allows for trips and various activities.

Bovalino in Calabria - Spiagge sullo Ionio in Calabria

5) Roccella Jonica with children

Roccella Jonica with children offers different possibilities for a holiday the sea, with its white beaches dotted with beaches, or free.
Sea bottom that degrades quickly, but still interesting for younger children who can play on the shore, while the older ones can learn about the seabed as small explorers. The town is suggestive and full of history, suitable for walking. It is worth visiting the castle located on a rocky promontory that dominates the whole country. During the summer there are many interesting events for the whole family. Beautiful walk along the promenade and the many clubs.

Roccella Ionica in Calabria - Spiagge sullo Ionio in Calabria

6) Santa Caterina dello Ionio for children

Another locality of Calabria for children is Santa Caterina dello Ionio. Beautiful and sandy beach with pebbles near the sea, which degrades immediately. The area is rather windy, which allows you to stay on the beach longer without suffering the heat, but pay attention to the currents in the water.

The beach of Santa Caterina has the Green Flag: the certification of Italian pediatricians. So it’s perfect to be child-friendly and family-friendly.
The country on the sea is not very busy and equipped with all the services, as well as the beaches where alternate establishments and free portions (for the most part). In the upper country there are many places of historical interest and there are interesting events, especially during the summer. The fishermen are happy to sell fresh fish directly and there are many genuine products, suitable for the whole family.

Santa Catarina dello Ionio - Spiaggia sul Mare Ionio per bambini

7) Simeri Crichi: beaches for children

Simeri Crichi is a town in Calabria suitable for children is located on the Ionian Coast of Calabria just 10 km north of Catanzaro Lido and 45 km from the international airport of Lamezia Terme. Simeri Chirchi has beautiful sandy beaches and a blue and crystalline sea.

La spiaggia del Voi Floriana Resort a Simeri Chirchi Calabria per bambini

8) Isola di Capo Rizzuto:

Green Flag also Isola di Capo Rizzuto, children-friendly beach: this portion of the coast has been included among those suitable for children, the seabed is not low (as in almost all the Ionian coast) but the water is beautiful and fine sand beaches perfect for a family on holiday. It is located in a marine protected area and there are many services that offers the body as boats with transparent bottom to admire the seabed, aquariums and excursions (to name a few) all family-friendly.
Another attraction of great value is the Castella, an ancient Aragonese fortress located right on the sea. Isola di Capo Rizzuto is located a stone’s throw from Crotone where you can take beautiful walks along the promenade and appreciate the shops.

Isola di Capo Rizzuto in Calabria - Spiagge sullo Ionio in Calabria

9) Torre Melissa: beaches for children

Among the children-friendly beaches in Calabria we mention Torre Melissa. Sand, a fairly clear colored beach and, in this case, which slowly slopes towards the sea. Clean and crystalline water. Torre Melissa is the coastal hamlet of Melissa village perched on the hills. There are numerous facilities that can meet the different needs of families on holiday. The Aragonese tower is very suggestive and offers a view that embraces a beautiful stretch of the Ionian coast. Inland, it is worth a visit to the Castle of Santa Severina whose construction dates back to the eleventh century, very well kept.

Torre Melissa in Calabria - Spiagge sullo Ionio in Calabria

10) Mirto Crosia for children

Also Mirto Crosia is a beach suitable for children and family holidays in Calabria. Light sand alternating, for short distances, with pebbles and rocks. The seabed is beautiful with Posidonia meadows, while on the dunes the licorice plant grows spontaneously. Also this beach has been chosen and awarded the Green Flag recognition by Italian pediatricians. On the beaches there are facilities reserved for children.

Mirto Crosia in Calabria - Spiagge sullo Ionio in Calabria

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