Are you planning a weekend in the eternal city? These are the five things to do with children in Rome

Rome is the Eternal City, rich in culture and history, with many things to see both for adults and children.
Here are five things to see and do absolutely in Rome with children, but that can fascinate the whole family!

1) Villa Borghese by bike

Villa Borghese deserves a visit with children, perhaps after a tour of the Bioparco you can enjoy this beautiful green lung. Inside you can observe the Italian garden, but also the English style, take walks and admire buildings, fountains and ponds.
With children it is very fun to discover Villa Borghese by bike. The internal roads are almost all paved and without the traffic of cars. The park is very large and with a bicycle you can visit it all.
At the entrance of the villa you can rent bicycles, rickshaws and other means of transport.
After a nice ride, the gardens of Villa Borghese are perfect for picnics and outdoor games.
Equip yourself with towels, balls or other games to spend a few hours of fun.

Villa Borghese is also home to wonderful museums including the world-famous Galleria Borghese which houses masterpieces by Bernini, Canova and Caravaggio and the Casa del Cinema.
For information on prices and events visit the Galleria Borghese website.

You can buy your skip-the-line ticket for the Borghese Gardens and Gallery directly on Musement..

Villa Borghese - children - child - Roma

Villa Borghese

2) Walk in the heart of Rome with children

You can not visit the capital without planning a walk in the heart of Rome with the children.
Difficult to indicate an itinerary, because every corner of the centre of Rome is really enchanting.
Plan to take a ride in the morning to look at the market stalls of Campo dei Fiori, then pay a visit to Piazza Navona looking at the magnificent Fountain of the Rivers by Bernini, so beautiful and imposing that even the children will be enchanted. Continue to the Pantheon, pass in front of Montecitorio and look at the magnificent column of Marcus Aurelius, continue to the Trevi fountain and finish the tour, after admiring the windows of Via Condotti, in the beautiful Piazza di Spagna at the foot of the stairway Trinità dei Monti.

Rome is art in the open air, every corner has something to discover and walks offer suggestive and interesting ideas. The children will certainly be fascinated by the beauty of the fountains (why not think of a small tour of the fountains to decree your favourite?) And the imposing palaces and ancient buildings.

Piazza Navona- Roma con i bambini

Fontana del Moro in Piazza Navona

3) The Colosseum and the Forum

It fascinates young and old and is one of the symbols of the city: you can not visit Rome without a trip to the Colosseum with children: the largest amphitheatre in the world.
The Colosseum is really great and worth a visit inside, with a guide or audio guide to help you imagine how the Colosseum was when it was working, it will surely be fascinating for the children to discover that the Colosseum was the Roman stadium. From the Colosseum, you can take a visit through the Roman Forum between the Palatine Hill and the Campidoglio and the Imperial forums to admire the ruins of ancient Rome. The visit is really fascinating, in the silence of the ruins you can imagine the life of ancient Rome, from the forum, the main square of the city, to the palace of Augustus on the Palatine, retrace the streets that have trodden the ancient Romans, and it seems to take a journey through time.
The visit to the Roman Forum and Ancient Rome is also suitable for children, especially primary school children. The entire route can be done in two to three hours slowly, but it is not easy with the stroller. For younger children, we recommend the band or the baby carrier.

Book tickets online at the Colosseum, avoid a long queue, especially during spring bridges.
The under-18s, both European and non-EU citizens, have free access to the site.
The Colosseum is open to the public every day (except December 25th and May 1st)

Il Foro Romano - A Roma con i bambini

Roman forum – Augustu’s palace

4) Saint Peter Church, the Vatican

The Vatican is a state in the city, already this will please the children a lot and will intrigue them with the idea of ​​being in a big city and entering another state. But then the Vatican, in addition to being a very well-kept area, also has a great spiritual charm that appeals to young and old.
To enter San Pietro you have to have a little ‘patience especially for the wait (but with the stroller tend to blow up the line, ask and they will get in right away), but it will certainly be worth it. This impressive and beautiful church leaves undoubtedly breathless.
The Vatican Museums can be a bit ‘difficult with the younger children, so arm yourself with a baby carrier or backpack for not to have problems with the stairs.
For the older children, from elementary up we recommend taking the children’s audio guide to the Vatican Museums; the visit is organized as a treasure hunt in which the children are provided with headphones and a map with the works that they must then search along the path of the whole museum.
At the end of the path to the Vatican Museums you get to visit the Sistine Chapel, there may be a bit of a queue to enter, but it is absolutely worth it. If the children are tired, before entering the Chapel there is a bar, it could be an opportunity to rest and refresh and then enjoy the Sistine Chapel better.

Book online for a few days in advance the tickets to the Vatican Museums, avoid long lines and enter immediately, at the time booked. From the Vatican Museums, you can also access the Basilica di San Pietro without having to queue

Piazza san Pietro - A Roma con i bambini

Piazza san Pietro

5) The Catacombs with the children

For the brave ones, consider a visit to the Catacombs with the children.
In the catacombs, the first Christians met in great secret to pray and bury their loved ones. Now many of these catacombs can be visited and you can retrace a tangle, along even several kilometres, of tunnels, tunnels and niches.
The path can last a couple of hours, it is also necessary to bring a sweater in the summer because in the basement the temperature is lower than the external one.

Le catacombe a Roma con i bambini

Santa Priscilla’s Catacomb

Some curiosities about Rome with the children

If you are looking for curious things to do in Rome with children you should not miss these tips.
The Mouth of Truth is located on the pronaos of the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, legend has it that by sticking your hand in your mouth, this bite who does not tell the truth … try to believe.
The most famous keyhole in Rome? It is that of the gate of the Priory of the Knights of Malta on the Aventine Hill. Looking from the hole you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Dome of St. Peter.
The view of Rome from the Gianicolo is fascinating. If you go to the aperitif time with the children you can enjoy the sunset, perhaps sipping a drink taken from the numerous kiosks.
The magic door of Rome is located in Piazza Vittorio and is what remains of Villa Palombara. It is also known as the Alchemic Door and seems to contain a coded message.

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