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Camping holiday in the Aeolian Islands with children

Summer is approaching and you start thinking about where to go on vacation, maybe without spending too much, but making the whole family entertained. We do not have to get away so much, our country offers us breathtaking landscapes, whether coastal or mountain. In this regard I want to tell you about the experience I had last summer with my family, hoping it will give you inspiration for your holidays.

In our family there are no preferences, we love both the mountains and the sea, but also trips dedicated to culture, visiting cities of art. So we always try to always choose new places, which can enrich us both culturally, but also offer us many opportunities for recreation, whether they are walks in the woods or beautiful beaches. Last year we opted for a seaside resort, the Aeolian Islands.

The Aeolian Islands are an archipelago of volcanic origin belonging to the province of Messina. The archipelago is made up of seven islands: Lipari, Vulcano, Stromboli, Filicudi, Alicudi, Panarea and Salina.
Making this choice was not difficult. In fact, the Aeolian Islands offer a lot, both from a naturalistic and cultural point of view. And actually we were not disappointed, but I’ll tell you about this later.

The holiday in the tent

The real news for my family was to take a tent holiday. We chose this solution because we wanted to try to experience a holiday that was as close as possible to contact with nature. So, once we had booked the campsite, we armed ourselves with a tent.
Remember that choosing a camping tent is essential. We have brought with us a tent for igloos 3 seasons 4 places. A 3 seasons seemed to me the best choice because we knew we would not have faced a campsite in harsh climatic conditions. If you are an adventurer and you want to push yourself further, a 4-season tent will probably be the best choice.
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A holiday full of emotions

But let’s move on to our experience. It is clear that at the beginning of our vacation we felt a bit lost, it was the first time we had not slept protected by 4 walls. After two days, however, the situation has changed: we no longer thought about the fact that we were sleeping in a tent, on the contrary, it had become natural. We liked being woken up by the first glimmers of dawn and feeling the smell of saltiness.
Our days in this beautiful archipelago have been full of adventures. There was no lack of baths in the clear waters, but also the mud on the island of Vulcano. It was exciting to see the dolphins and the beautiful landscapes that characterize each island of the archipelago.
The White Beach of Lipari has left us truly breathless: the sea of ​​a lively turquoise and the beach made up of sediments of pumice has stolen our hearts.
But, as we said, the Aeolian Islands also offer culture, such as the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew in Lipari, with its vault completely frescoed. Very interesting was also to see the archaeological area in the island of Filicudi. The movements were made through small ferries that connect all the islands.

If you have never tried a camping holiday, I would highly recommend it, especially if you have children, for them it will be a fun game. As a first experience I advise you not to take a long vacation. You may not be camping, so ruining your entire vacation would not be ideal. Try maybe to book for a weekend and, if you see that this type of holiday you like, you might think of spending your holidays this way. In this last case there are many curtains that offer different solutions, such as internal divisions, which give you more privacy, but also the kitchens that house the kitchen equipment and the food.

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