Sestri Levante View
Sestri Levante, close to Cinque Terre, is a gem of Ligurian Riviera. Let’s go to discover the Bay of Silence,The Bay of the Fables, the bike paths, playgrounds in this small town on the sea.

A holiday in Sestri Levante with your children is what you need if you are looking for some relax in a small town on the coast with all the services, playgrounds, family-friendly beaches and trails that you may need.

Sestri Levante is a town with two faces, or at least that’s how it is told in this territory of beaches and hills that climb from the sea to the sky which is the Gulf of Tigullio.
Sestri is a town with great charm, a strip of land embraced by sea. With its two bays, the Bay of Silence and Bay of the Fables, Sestri Levante looks as if it was taken out from a fairytale.

From the narrow streets (caruggi) with a lot of little shops, you can just turn a corner and find yourself with your feet in the sand and eyes focused on the view of the Bay of Silence: small, sandy, wedged between the rocks and the Convento dell’Annunziata.

Go back on your steps and, after a couple of minutes, here it is the Bay of the Fables, which embraces the entire coast of Sestri Levante and overlooks the Gulf of Tigullio.

Sestri Levante View

The sea of ​​Sestri Levante: Baia del Silenzio and Baia delle Favole

The sea of ​​Sestri Levante looks double with its Baia del Silenzio and the Baia delle Favole. With the caruggi to divide them.
The Bay of Silence faces east, a small sandy bay, which almost completely closes on itself. Clear sand, sandy bottoms that degrade rather slowly, and on the side to the east, the rocks to be explored with fins, mask and snorkel.

In the west of the bay, on the other hand, there is a beach and, in closing, the Convent of the Annunciation where events and events are often organized. A few years ago, on that side, there is a statue of a fisherman on the rocks: looking among the rocks that emerge from the water you will see him intent on collecting nets.

Every year Sestri Levante hosts the Andersen Festival, known for the numerous shows and to be connected to the relative prize, also for this the statue was created that recalls that of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen.

During the summer, we recommend going to the beach early in the morning because it is difficult to find a free place in Baia del Silenzio.

It’s worth having an aperitif in the Bay of Silence with the kids, they can spend some time playing on the shoreline while mom and dad are sipping something in one of the many bars overlooking the bay.

Hiking in Sestri Levante

Getting around Sestri Levante can be done in many ways: on foot enjoying the beautiful walks in the town center (pedestrian) or by bike, in fact the town is crossed by a suitably marked cycle path that allows you to admire Sestri in complete safety.

To enjoy a splendid view from the top you can take a walk to Punta Manara. We suggest starting from Riva Trigoso beach to climb to the top of the promontory and then descend to the caruggio of Sestri Levante.

For active families, we point out that on the waterfront De Scalzo there is also an area equipped for outdoor sports!

Art and culture in Sestri Levante

Sestri Levante has a profound attitude towards art and culture. In fact, during the year there are many cultural events that often have to do with children. First of all the Andersen Festival dedicated to shows, fairy tales and entertainment for young and old.
But Sestri Levante is not just events. There are numerous cultural realities. First of all the Musel which is located both in Sestri and in the nearby village of Castiglione Chiavarese. These are two exhibition poles, which allow to know the history of the Tigullio territory and the Sestri Levante valleys. The Convent of the Annunciation dates back to the end of the 1400s and hosts events of all kinds.
Going up a little (starting from the Convent of the Annunciation) you get to the church of San Nicolò dell’Isola dating back to the mid-1100s. it is a structure of great charm, surrounded by greenery and from which you can also enjoy a wonderful view of the sea.

Playgrounds in Sestri Levante

In Sestri Levante there are numerous playgrounds for children.

Near the train station, after having crossed the road that leads to the main road of car transit, we arrive at the first playground where there are attractions for children of all ages

But the real beauty is the Mandela Park: cycle and pedestrian, adventure park and many games (among these also a very long slide that is worth trying) to entertain children, but also mom and dad. Nearby is the complex with swimming pools both outdoors and indoors.

Also in the village of Riva Trigoso are equipped areas with games for children. Here, too, the beaches are well kept and spacious and there are many services.

Info practices about Sestri Levante

Here some practical info for a holiday in Sestri Levante. The town is full of shops of all kinds, very beautiful and cared for, with quality goods . There are many supermarkets, even large ones, and also specific shops for children. Shops are generally open from Monday to Sunday and in summer often also in the evening.

Every Saturday morning in the city center there is also a market of various goods. Sestri Levante can be reached by motorway (there is the toll gate of the A12) and also by train, it is in fact one of the best served and largest railway stations in the area. The town can be easily reached on foot, by bike, by car, but there are also buses and taxis.

With the train you can reach the nearby Moneglia, the Cinque Terre and the many seaside towns dotting the it costs from Sestri to Porto Venere.