Its4kids is a project

Its4kids is a project of turistic promotion for families. The aim is to enhance and grow positive experiences on the territory to create a virtuous circle of economic and cultural development. Travel is an experience of growth for both children and parents and at the same time creates a return for structures that invest in quality, expertise and valuable projects. Its4kids believes in the social impact of the trip and therefore must be accessible to everyone.

Its4kids shares and puts together experiences and information to grow and promote positive projects for families. There are no experiences that are not suitable for families, but there are different families with personal abilities, tastes, goals and expectations. Sharing the most innovative, timely and accurate information, Its4kids wants to answer all the questions of families.
Its4kids channels are a portal, where tourist knowledge and experience are put on the web, and a group of 16 thousand families is confronted and told.

Its4kids wants to enhance and grow structures and experiences through consultancy and promotion and by acting with families. There are many valuable projects that do not use the right channels to make themselves known, but they only use word of mouth. Its4kids is the direct channel where to promote quality and excellence, the meeting place between children friendly structures and families.

Its4kids is a team

Its4kids was born of Maria Vitali, graduated in mathematics and with a Ph.D. in computer science. After leaving the world of research, he worked for many years as a consultant for large and small companies throughout Italy, devoting himself to important projects.
Always passionate about travel, when he was born the third child has understood the great difficulties that meet families who want to travel, due to lack of information or the wrong way to communicate: there are many quality structures and experiences on the territory, but they are not valued.
Professional experience has allowed her to create a platform for exchanges between mothers and structures to be guided and to share information. Having founded the Facebook group has made it clear that we need information and reassurance, but has also given way to see how little known reality, but excellent level there are on the national territory.

Its4kids has since grown and has become a team of collaborators, who have brought their professionalism and expertise to the project. Much of the team is formed by professionals and mothers, with a greater sensitivity to the mission of Its4kids, but also by bright and motivated young people.

Its4Kids is a company

Its4kids is an innovative startup, chosen among the companies that started Wylab: one of the first business incubators.
He obtained the Liguria Confesercenti Special Award Liguria SmartCup 2016 and the Special Opportunity Award Smartcup Liguria 2016.
She is a member of Startup Turismo and Italia Startup.

Its4kids is growing in numbers: in the summer of 2017 more than 100 thousand families have been reached, over 15 thousand mothers on the Facebook community, over 85 thousand visits on the portal, over 200 thousand pages visited on the site and more than a thousand direct requests to our structures.